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VRx has several tools that are available to help you search for a covered medications. You can use our On-line Search Tool or download an abridged formulary listing. The formulary is reviewed on a regular basis by physicians and pharmacists to evaluate new medications and therapies. This review may result in changes to the formulary. Beneficiaries who are taking an impacted medication will be notified in advance of the change.

To view formulary coverage using the On-line Search Tool you will need to enter the drug name in the search box below. You may search by typing in the complete or partial drug name. Some drugs listed in the On-line formulary may be a category excluded by your plan. This tool does not provide copayment/coinsurance information. For specific drug pricing information please refer to the Drug Pricing Tool.

Disclaimer: This search tool shows the standard formulary coverage. Your plan's formulary may differ. Please log in or contact customer service for specific coverage on your plan.

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Tips For Your Health

Tips For Your Health
Regular Exercise
  1. Keeping track of your workouts.
  2. Find a workout buddy.
  3. Get professional advice from a personal trainer or nutritionist.
  4. Be active.
  5. Focus on the good things.
  6. Be consistent.
  7. Reward yourself.
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